The LG G8X Supports 21 Watts 4.0 Quick Charge.

But Thanks to LG even they themselves do not make 21 Watts Charger and the QC 4.0 Thing is out of the picture.

To be honest, getting a QC 4.0 Certified charger in India is Tough ( From a Trustable Brand).

The Ones I personally Prefer or TRUST for safely Charging my LG G8X are:

(Affiliate Links Above)


Lg G8X do support Wireless Charging but at 9 Watts ( Utter Disappointment)

Best Buy Wireless Chargers:




A good cover is a pretty important thing for a phone.

Heck, it protects your dual Glass phone.

And Like Jerry Says “GLASS IS GLASS AND GLASS BREAKS”. So keep your device protected.

So I personally use this cover By Lustree Shown in the image. Full Review in Hindi here.

Although if you are looking for a more rigid thing, it’s Here.



Screenguard is the most important accessory for a phone.

One might tolerate without a Cover but Hey! Without a Screen Guard! ARE YOU RICH?!

As the main Screen on this LG G8X has got curved glass so Tempered Glass does not really make sense unless you are also using a cover.

The best choice according to me will be to go for Plastic Screen Protector.

It comes in many different varients but I liked the normal one here.

A full review between Tempered and Plastic glass in Hindi here.

This plastic glass to which I have Linked cover your dual screens completely from back to front


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