The G8X uses an S5KGD1 Sensor for its Front Camera!

Talking Specifics the S5KGD1 sensor is manufactured by Samsung is 32.33 Mega-pixels (6560 x 4928) with a pixel size of 0.8 μm.

Click on the image to go to official Samsung’s Website to see their side of Sensor Description.

Many Smartphones have the SKGD1 Sensor!

There are quite many different smartphones that have the S5KGD1 Front Camera Sensor by Samsung and to be on the shocking side every single one of them takes better images than the LG G8X.

Some Smartphones that uses the SKGD1 Sensor by Samsung:

And the list goes on and on… But you must have gotten an idea by now that mid-range Smartphones uses this Camera module but still they produce different results. But I am sure if you compare the image quality of any other phone from the above list you will notice they produce much more sharper images than our Lg G8X

You can click above and see in detail why the same CAMERA SENSOR PRODUCES DIFFERENT RESULTS.

But to summarize there are more hardware components to the Camera module than the sensor itself and the Software also plays an important role in optimizing the image quality and the Color Contrast ratio in producing the final Result.


Many Developers and intelligent people it has been pointed out that


Now, what does that mean in terms of Image quality?

Whenever the object is far away from the camera it will take better images as compared to when the object is closer and mostly while taking selfies the object is near

Can it be fixed with a Software Update?

Well because this phone was released quite some time ago and had a very small consumer base but due to the Flipkart’s Sale in India Thousands of units were sold and hence consumers are complaining a lot.

It is up to LG to fix the problem because we all know that sensor is fully capable to take some awesome shots in daylight which not performing best at night.

But again if this problem could have been fixed with a software patch then Lg would have already done it.

Make it Better by Using this GCam!

Even a normal Gcam does not show it’s magic when it comes to Selfie (front) Camera Images.

I found this GCam which can Co-exist with other varients of GCam and to be specific only to be used for Selfies.

Check it Here!


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